Cuban Salsa

Junior & Linnea: 

Who is Junior?

Dancing since he was a kid, he stumbled onto cuban salsa more than a decade ago, and he has been hooked ever since. Constantly humble and striving to always improve, his dance style is the perfect example of cuban fusion – rumba, hip hop, són – it is all there. If you would look up musicality in the dictionary, you would find a picture of Junior.

Being a teacher, he puts heavy emphasis on pedagogy, during his dance classes (which he has been doing since 2008). But he does not only make sure that the class learns what he teaches, he also makes sure to spread a good vibe and energy. His classes are simply put not just educative, they are a blast to be at.

Who is Linnea?

With a varied background in dance, she exploded onto the Stockholm salsa scene a couple of years ago out of nowhere. She started dancing salsa on a trip to Cuba, and was instantaneously hooked – and she continued learning in Barcelona, before popping back up in Stockholm, whereupon she became Junior´s dance partner and general source of awe on the salsa scene.

Her dance style is equally elusive to pinpoint, its graceful, but playful, gentle but fiery – all and all, she makes a perfect counter to Junior´s dancing and teaching.

So, save the date and prepare for a day full of interesting sequences, styling and most importantly pure joy of dance.

Urban Kizomba

Mo Tora

Egyptian living in Munich. Started with kizomba mid of 2015, and his teaching experience since end of 2016. He is a passionate person, so it is reflected on his way of dancing…Music is his driving tool and he has his own style in interpreting the music. It is also reflected on his way of teaching and how he cares about details of leading and following, and his goal is to transfer his international dancing experience – since he has been to a lot of international festivals – along with his passion to the people attending his workshops. His motto is #KFH (Kizomba From Heart).

Sensual Bachata 

Shakil & Rebecca

It was only a matter of time before Rebecca and Shakil joined forces to ‘ShaRe the passion’ of Bachata Sensual. A new partnership, these two are already making an impact with their musicality and Bachata Sensual Fusion style.

Between them they have over 3 decades of dance experience in the dancing industry and their passion to understand the details behind executing the moves sets them apart in their teaching. Both are constantly looking for inspiration and the opportunity to learn which inspires their students to continue their own dancing growth and development.

Salsa Rueda

Vicken is known for his smooth yet defined lead on the dance floor. He’s been dancing since 2005 and attended international congresses around the world expanding on his love of Cuban Salsa and Bachata. Vicken brings his warm, kind nature with him to teach his dance classes, where he incorporates bright energy and fun dance techniques. He has a great genuine personality that shines through his interactions with the students. When you attend one of Vic’s classes, you will experience a truly amazing class where you learn, you belong and you are seen.