Bailes Cubanos

Bailes Cubanos – The Salsa Association of the Turku Region was established 19.3.2006 with the intention of bringing the salsa dancers of the region together, and promoting and facilitating salsa dancing in the region.

To this purpose, the association has been organizing regular social dancing events, Club Sol salsa parties  and other salsa events, and occasional intensive courses to supplement the regular dance lessons provided by the local salsa schools.

Bailes Cubanos wants to promote the rich music and dance culture of the Latin America, especially of the Cuban and Caribbean area. Happy and lively rhythms of salsa, merengue, kizomba, bachata, cha-cha and reggaeton have captivated many Finnish people and drawn them to salsa lessons, parties and festivals.

Get involved and be informed

If you want more information about our events or membership, please contact through our email address

You can also join our Bailes Cubanos group in Facebook where you can find information about current dance events.


You can join as a member by paying a 15 euro annual fee at Bailes Cubanos webshop Bailes Cubanos -holvi, see more information here.