Become a member of Bailes Cubanos by paying the membership fee 15 € in Holvi webshop.  The membership is valid for one calendar year. You will get many discounts in events organised by Bailes Cubanos and others, and also in several shops etc. (see the list below).

Once you have paid the membership fee, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to Membook where you can fill you information in oder to join the member registrate.  Your membership is valid after you submit your information in Membook and have been accepted as a member there. You can see your member information and update your details by signing in to Membook. In order to get your member discounts you need to download the Membook app (for free) in your phone.

As a member, you will receive a few emails per year informing you about local salsa events. You can also join the Bailes Cubanos Whatsapp group to get the latest news and to chat with other dancers in the Turku region. The link for joining the Whatsapp group is available in Membook (see section jäsenedut).

Membership discounts:

  • Discounts on fees/tickets for salsa events organized by Bailes Cubanos.
  • Discounts on fees/tickets for salsa events organized by Azucar salsa association in Tampere.
  • Discounts on fees/tickets for salsa events organized by Salsa Borealis salsa association in Helsinki.
  • 10 % discount for products in Tanssipuoti
  • 10 % discount for products in Piruetti
  • 10 % discount in Pizzeria 450°C
  • 10 % discount in Gelateria Nuvole
  • 10 % discount in Rebelle Bakery (excluding alcoholic drinks and products with discount prices)